As we wrap up 2012 and I wrap up my role as The Post’s parenting blogger, let’s recap some of the most memorable stories of this past year. This is a wholly personal list, and in no particular order.

Here are five stories that captivated, moved, inspired and devastated us in the past 12 months (I'll list four more later today):

Breast is best for newsstand sales

Time magazine shocked the country with an explicit cover image of a young mother breastfeeding her almost-four-year-old son. The picture became a story in itself, although the issue of breastfeeding — whether to do it, how long to do and where to do it — captured attention all year.

The “having it all” discussion resurfaces

From Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer to Google’s Sheryl Sandberg to Anne-Marie Slaughter, this year we witnessed a protracted conversation for and among top-tier women over the prospect of how much can and should be juggled, in terms of work and home life. The debate trickled down to those of us without lofty careers, even if the salary and benefits didn’t.

Other people are not as enamored with our kids as we are

As parents embraced social media as a sort of online scrapbooking device, their friends quickly grew exasperated. Web sites that mocked the parental prattling exploded in popularity and new technology sprung up to help people manage the baby news onslaught.

Campaigns fail to address family issues

The presidential campaigns each targeted the parent vote by presenting their candidates as devoted family men. Somehow advisors forgot that parents might have liked to hear the candidates’ thoughts on expanding family leave benefits or improving the sorry state of daycare in this country.

French Parents replace Tiger Moms

Pamela Druckerman’s essay, “Why French Parents Are Superior” published in the Wall Street Journal in February became an instant sensation. Intended to start a debate about setting limits and granting autonomy, the piece established the author as this year’s favorite maternal villain, replacing last year’s Tiger Mom.

Coming later today: the rest of the list, and a farewell