A roundup of news and advice:

Jason Medley, a father and lawyer in Houston, is taking legal action against three middle school girls for making a video about his daughter and posting it on Facebook. A colleague of Medley filed a defamation of character lawsuit accusing the Riverwood Middle School girls of making “defamatory and false statements that ‘impute sexual impropriety and misconduct’” on Medley’s daughter. The mother of one of the girls accused said the three students told their principal “they were sorry and didn’t mean any of it.” (Houston Chronicle)

“Don’t cry” and “You know better than that” are just some of the things you should never say to your child, says Paula Spencer, coauthor of “The Happiest Toddler on the Block.” Spencer has a list of nine verbal missteps parents make and alternatives for these phrases. (Parenting)

Whining is the most annoying sound, according to a new study. Psychologists asked study participants to listen to a range of six sounds, including a screeching saw on wood and a crying baby, while trying to do math problems. Whining resulted in a greater number of mistakes by participants than other noises. (Wired)