With a single less-than-three-minute video, Danish filmmaker and father Frans Hofmeester may have just decimated the baby book industry.

Hofmeester recorded his daughter’s growth from birth to 12 years old in a time-lapse video and posted it on Vimeo last week. The results are stunning:

Hofmeester’s project is reminiscent of the time-lapse video of a pregnancy that went viral a few weeks ago. In that, a couple created possibly the best baby announcement ever:

Like baby books that dress up the best photos of childhood, these videos further the same cliche: “It goes so fast.” Better, though, they explore the truth behind that cliche.

Hofmeester, through only pictures and music, explains that yes, childhood goes fast, but for a parent there’s no time to linger on any one stage.

We cannot fuss too much over milestones or mourn the passing of a particularly adorable or fabulous age. We’re too busy — and not just with the dishes and laundry. We are catching our breath as we try to keep up with the new iterations of our unfolding child.

It happens so fast because they keep changing and changing and changing.

His video ends with the words, “To be continued.”

It’s after that continuation, years after, that our child’s growth will finally slow down. With them, we can too. We may finally have the time to look back through the flashes and pull out certain memories to enthuse over.

That’s when we may also have time to linger, when we see someone else’s baby, and remember our own child at that age. When we may find ourselves locking eyes with that child’s overwhelmed parent and offering advice that we’d promised we never would give: “Enjoy every minute. It goes so fast.”

Are you or have you tracked your child’s growth? How?

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