A roundup of news and advice:

Children with Medicaid, which is health insurance from the government for low-income families, were 18 times more likely to be denied emergency dental coverage from a Medicaid provider, says a study from the journal Pediatrics. Moms with private insurance were found to have a much easier time receiving emergency care for their children. (ABC News)

Children 8 years old and younger could soon be banned from dog parks in Arlington. The Arlington County Parks Department is considering the rule for safety reasons, but there will be a chance for residents to voice their opinions on the issue before it becomes law. (MSNBC)

The divorce rate has been falling in all age groups since 1996, says a report from the Census Bureau. People waiting longer to get married or cohabitating without marrying are possible reasons for the decline, the report says. (CNN via Black and Married With Kids)

The number of children with developmental disabilities rose between 1997 and 2008, a study says. Kids with autism, seizures, learning disorders and other disabilities increased by 17 percent during that time period, says research from the journal Pediatrics. (CBS News)