From elsewhere in The Post: If you’re interested in creating an environmentally friendly room for a baby but worried about where to start, Caroline McCandlish can help. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified residential designer spoke with staff writer Megan Buerger about the benefits of creating sustainable rooms for kids and how to design these rooms without breaking your budget.

“Labels like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ are vague. Look for ‘low-VOC’ or ‘zero-VOC’ labels in furniture and finishes. One hundred percent solid wood furniture and all-natural finishes will have the lowest emissions,” she says. To cut costs, she suggests focusing green investments on “the more frequently used items, like the crib and changing pads, rather than toys and clothes they’ll soon grow out of.”

McCandlish also joined us for an online discussion, and Buerger has a sustainable shopping list for new parents here.