The Food and Drug Administration will consider next week adding dosage information for children under 2 years old to over-the-counter medication for kids. Instructions for Children and Infants’ Tylenol, Little Fevers and some other products will be discussed at the federal agency’s upcoming meeting. Research from the FDA shows that most kids who overdose on acetaminophen, the most common pain reliever and fever-reducing ingredient in medicine, are younger than 2. (Huffington Post)

James Tate can attend his high school prom. The Shelton, Conn. teen made news after his headmaster banned him from the event for asking a girl to the dance by taping the invitation to the school’s entrance. The ban was lifted after almost 200,000 people “liked” a Facebook page supporting Tate and a Connecticut lawmaker began drafting legislation that would permit Tate to go to the event. (ABC News)

When college kids come home for summer, it can be hard for them and for their parents to live together again. Some families discuss how they handle new curfews, chore schedules and other challenges. (Chicago Tribune)