From elsewhere in The Post: How can a stay-at-home mom keep her three children engaged during the summer, and help them avoid losing ground at school? A mother of three asks Marguerite Kelly for advice.

“I lost my job in March, but my husband and I realized that I could stay home with the kids if we didn’t have to pay for child care and we cut back on our expenses. This has made summer very happy for me but my kids have gotten really bored. ...

“My kids don’t know what to do without their friends but being without school may be even worse. I’ve just read that children lose academic ground in summertime. Is this really true or is the ‘summer slide’ simply one more urban myth?”

Kelly says that the summer slide is more pronounced in poor children than well-to-do kids, because they don’t get free lunches during the summer and they don’t get as many enrichment activities.

“Enrichment doesn’t have to be pricey or interfere with the lazy pace of summer or involve worksheets or flash cards (ever!). It just needs to be interesting, fun and diverse; it should be woven into the family’s day-to-day activities and, if possible, it should include music, our oldest intelligence. Music stimulates the brain and helps us learn better.”

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