(Courtesy of Blue Rider Press Publicity Management)

So ends the latest children’s book parody, “Goodnight iPad” (Blue Rider Press, 2011).

By Ann Droyd, the jokey pseudonym of children’s book author and illustrator David Milgrim, the perfectly-timed takeoff of the classic “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown will hit stores tomorrow. It comes just after the death of Steve Jobs and as parents are in the throes of a debate over technology in their children’s lives.

In recent days, parents have been deluged with advice, reports and opinion on the issue. On this blog, there’s been a continuing and thoughtful discussion of the differing perspectives in our comments section.

”Goodnight iPad” might not add much to the public discourse, but at least it recognizes that the electronic media situation is out of hand. Even the fireplace in this cartoon home is plugged in.

Luckily one character understands the need for calm. While bidding goodnight to each toy, the mother rabbit pulls them one by one from her reluctant bunnies (and husband) and throws them out the window. She then settles in bed next to a cat and reads ”Goodnight Moon.”

Here’s a video version (since even books that skewer the technology takeover are now multimedia):