From elsewhere in The Post: How do you deal with possible postpartum depression and a controlling husband? A mom of two boys, ages 3 and 1, asks Marguerite Kelly for advice.

(Hadley Hooper for The Washington Post)

“Is there any way I can regain the affection and equality we had before I stayed home with the kids? I have even contemplated divorce, but as the child of divorce, I would hate to do this to my children.”

Kelly suggests that the mother has several problems, including possible PPD, trust problems with her husband, and her husband’s anxiety.

“It is anxiety, rather than suspicion, which makes him try to control every aspect of his life and yours — and the more responsible he is, the more anxious and controlling he becomes. It isn’t easy to be the only breadwinner in the family, but a little freelancing of your own might bring in enough money to ease his stress (and yours).”

Read Kelly’s full column here.

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