A roundup of news and advice:

Learning of your parents’ divorce can be emotionally devastating, even for adults. Erica Manfred, author of “He’s History, You’re Not Surviving: Divorce After 40,” explains how couples can break the news of their separation to college-age kids. Her first tip: Don’t tell children over the phone or in an e-mail. Just as you should do with young children, parents should announce the divorce to kids in person with both spouses present. (The Huffington Post)

Not every parent likes her child. One mom details how she’s clashed with her daughter since the day she was born, and how hard it is to parent a child you don’t like to be around.

“As a toddler, she was strange. She wouldn't make eye contact, and she'd scream bloody murder at the sound of ripping paper. Instead of scribbling with crayons, she'd line them up at the edge of the paper. She'd climb to the top of the slide and then cry to be rescued. She couldn't — or wouldn't — answer direct questions. She didn't make friends. Life seemed hard for her. It broke my heart a little every day,” says the author, who writes under the pen name Jennifer Rabiner. (MSN)

The annual Celebrate Fairfax! festival is June 10 through June 12th at the Fairfax County Government Center. The Great Zucchini and other entertainers will perform at the Busch Gardens’ Children’s Stage, with kid-friendly games and rides in the KidWay MidWay section of the event. Prices vary for festival attractions. (Celebrate Fairfax)

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