Kids who live with adults who smoke and dislike the smell less likely to start the habit, a Pa. restaurant bans kids younger than age 6 and other news and advice:

Children exposed to secondhand smoke at home had a 50 percent higher chance of developing two or more childhood neurobehavioral disorders, compared with children who were not exposed to secondhand smoke at home, a new study says. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Tobacco Free Research Institute in Ireland estimate that 274,000 children exposed to secondhand smoke at home develop ADHD and other disorders.

Children ages 8 to 13 who lived with at least one adult who smoked and described the smell of cigarette smoke as “gross” or “unpleasant ”were 78 percent less likely to start the habit, said a separate study. (CNN)

McDain’s Restaurant and Golf Center, in Monroeville Pa., has banned kids younger than 6 years old. Owner Mike Vuick says they are too loud. (Fox News)

A pool drain has already injured one child this summer, and about 1 million drains were recalled in May. Reporter Sasha Emmons explains how your family can avoid drain accidents by regularly checking drain covers and taking other precautions. (Parenting)

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