From elsewhere in The Post: For chef-turned-Food-columnist David Hagedorn, his first lesson in the kitchen came from his mom. As a child she introduced him to ethnic foods such as sukiyaki, baba ghanouj or kibbe, and more common fare such as merengue kisses. She also showed him first-hand what bad veal piccata tastes like. Her mistakes and successes at the helm of a stove have stayed with him always.

“My mother, Carol Norberg, died in August at age 79, and since then I’ve realized just how much my food and cooking proclivities largely stem from her, either as imitations or rejections.”

In this essay about his mom, Hagedorn describes how they bonded while watching “The French Chef,” how her “chaotic” cooking style has influenced him to be more organized in the kitchen and how he started throwing dinner parties in 10th grade under her tutelage.

Here is the menu he has created in her memory.

Mom’s Caesar Salad

Gigi’s Chicken Liver

Meringue Kiss Sandwiches With Pineapple Buttercream

Veal Piccata