Don and Betty of Mad Men (Associated Press)

A new analysis of baby names shows that of all the names that have fallen from favor, Donald and Betty have fallen the furthest.

The genealogy Web site findmypast found that Donald was the ninth most popular name for American boys in 1940 and now ranks 377th. Betty was the fifth most popular in 1940 and now isn’t even in the top one thousand.

Other popular names that Mad Men types might have been born with? James, Robert, John, William and Mary, Barbara, Patricia and Judith.

Of those, only William still enjoys popularity.

The top baby names now, according to the Social Security Administration, are Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Jayden, Isabella, Sophia, Emma and Olivia.

“Names can be to genealogy what carbon-dating is to archaeology,” findmypast spokesman Josh Taylor said.

What does our choice of baby name say about us (besides our age)?

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