Her baby’s been “easy” and she was back to work willingly two weeks after the birth. And, today, not two months after giving birth, she is at The White House.

(Henny Ray Abrams/AP)

Mayer is the 37-year-old CEO of Yahoo. Named to the post when she was six months pregnant, she suggested at the time that she would take only a few weeks of maternity leave and work throughout.

Her appointment drew widespread cheers, but the subsequent announcement about that non-existent maternity leave divided fans. Was she, by example, suggesting that good, hard-charging employees don’t need parental leave?

She presented a real quandary for many, especially those who argue that more women in leadership positions will translate into more family-friendly corporate policies.

The criticism did not seem to outwardly affect Mayer much. Her son, Macallister, was born in October. Two weeks later, she tweeted that she was back to work.

Last night, she stood her baby-is-no-big-deal-ground at a dinner in California celebrating female business leaders sponsored by Fortune Magazine.

Fortune posted excerpts from the interview and the “Today” show published a story about it with a fuller transcript.

“The baby’s been way easier than everyone made it out to be. I think I’ve been really lucky that way but I had a very easy, healthy pregnancy. He’s been easy,” Mayer said.

She was asked how she juggles it all and replied by paraphrasing former Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi:

“You have to ruthlessly prioritize … God, family and Yahoo, in that order. “

Fortune staff said she stayed at the dinner into the wee hours, even though she was to fly out to Washington this morning to join other CEOs of major companies to meet with President Obama about fiscal policy.

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