Meijer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have recalled 17,400 bumblebee and ladybug infant slipper socks for being a choking hazard. It has not been reported that any children have been harmed by the product, but Meijer received information about an antennae ball detatching from the socks. (Consumer Reports)

Chuck E. Cheese is being sued by a San Diego mom who claims the popular restaurant chain has illegal gambling machines in its facilities and cites games that use slot machines and roulette wheels as examples. The company is trying to have the suit dismissed and argues that the games are legal. (AOL)

About half of children with depressed moms also develop depression, new research says. These kids are also more prone to be anxious, irritable and disruptive, and to suffer from substance abuse later in life. Thankfully, research in the American Journal of Psychiatry says women who treat their depression provide lasting benefits for their children’s mental health. The faster they respond to treatment, the faster their children do too. (Wall Street Journal)