Kerry Campbell gives her 8-year-old daughter Botox to get rid of what she calls “wrinkles” on the child’s face. The San Francisco mom administers the medical procedure to make her daughter look her best at pageants. Today Campbell and her daughter spoke about their experience on Good Morning America. (Strollerderby)

Children who want to please their parents also do better academically, says a study from the publication Child Development. This trend was found with students in the U.S. and China. During adolescence, children in the U.S. were less driven to make their parents happy; Chinese kids felt more obligated to their parents as they became teens. (HealthDay via US News and World Report)

Apple has discontinued running iAds, which has advertising for Dove Soap, Geico Insurance and other products, on its Dex app for the Pokemon children’s game. (Wall Street Journal)

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