A roundup of news and advice:

A Marietta, Ga. mom is living her worst nightmare. One night while Raquel Nelson crossed the street with her three children after being dropped off by the local bus, the family was struck by a drunk driver. Nelson’s 4-year-old son died. Nelson, who did not use the crosswalk while crossing the street, faces up to three years in prison. She was convicted of jaywalking, homicide by vehicle and reckless conduct. She will be sentenced today. The driver served six months in jail for the hit-and-run accident. Below, watch her interview on the Today show. (Yahoo!)

The combined amount of work men do inside and outside of the home is now comparable to a woman’s overall workload in those areas, says Time reporter Ruth Davis Konigsberg. But “despite the rosy picture the data paints, she still feels overworked personally, and thinks other American women feel like they too are shouldering more than their fair share of the family work,” says Parentables contributor Andy Hinds. Konigsberg thinks women feel this way because they tend to take more of a managerial role in running the household and are not as good at relaxing as men. (Parentables via Time magazine)