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My present to all mothers reading this is to pass on an e-mail I received on the subject from D.C. parenting coach Meghan Leahy. (Feel free to copy the link and send it to all those fathers who are not reading this.) Happy Mother’s Day.

“The other night, I stood with about six women. We were all trying on jewelry at a party and I said ‘Hey, get that necklace for yourself for Mother’s Day!’ They each sighed and started saying ‘I really just want my husband to give me diamond studs. Like the ones you have…’

I did have beautiful studs in my ears and they were from my husband for Mother’s Day. I smiled and told them the truth behind the earrings.

Four years ago, I had just had my second daughter. Up until the birth in early April, I had dropped hints, left Web sites open on his computer, pointed out earrings on other women, drooled at the Tiffany’s displays, you name it.

There was something about diamond studs that said, ‘You appreciate me.’ It seemed to be the quintessential gift a husband gives his wife.

What I really wanted was the moment, the moment when someone who loves you reads your mind.

So, how did the studs end up in my ears? Well, in the never-ending chapter called Everything My Mother Has Told Me is Turning Out to Be True, my mother advised me on my diamond stud quest.

‘Just tell him, Meghan.’ she said. ‘Just tell him you would like the earrings. He doesn’t get the hints. Do yourself a favor and stop the nonsense.’

That’s what I did.

And I got the earrings.

And they are beautiful.

But the real gift was that I stopped expecting my husband to be a mind-reader.

So, the diamond studs are in the ears and I love the man who gave them

to me. That I had to ask for them is not the stuff of movies, but he

is a tender dad and a supportive husband and I will take that any day

over a ‘moment.’ ”

What do you want for Mother’s Day? Did you ask for it?