From elsewhere in The Post: The pharmaceutical company EMD Serono, maker of a fertility drug called Gonal-f, wants couples to seek help if they’re having trouble conceiving. To raise awareness about infertility, it officially launched the “Birds and Bees: The Real Stories” campaign on Thursday and created several videos to show how frustrating conceiving can be. But it’s the company’s music video “Early Bird Catches the Sperm” that may intrigue you most:

“The video portrays the bird-and-bee couple as a pair of professionals who’ve realized their biological clocks are ticking. It’s well-crafted, informative and, I thought, amusing. But I wonder what people who have had trouble — in some cases, lots of excruciating trouble — conceiving a child would think of it,” says The Checkup blogger Jennifer LaRue Huget.

We would also like to know what you think of the video: Is it amusing and funny? Or taking too much of a lighthearted approach at a serious topic?