The son of Jeff Hall is charged with killing his father. Hall, a white supremacist, raised the 10-year-old to share his beliefs, but his motive for killing Hall is not known. The boy is expected to appear in court later this month. (The New York Times)

Who knew that using school property to ask someone to the prom could get you barred from the event? A Shelton, Conn. teen invited a girl to the dance by taping her invitation to the front of his school’s building. But his headmaster reprimanded him for the flashy invite. He is not permitted to attend prom and was suspended for one day. (Hartford Courant)

A proposed bill in New Jersey would make it illegal to photograph children who are not yours or record them with a video camera. (Jezebel via Parentables)

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington is hosting a workshop on solving children’s sleep issues on Sunday, May 15. Families will learn how to create a sleep plan and fix common sleep issues with children. The event is $110 for community center members and $125 for non-members. (DC Urban Moms & Dads)