Yesterday my daughter’s school issued report cards. She’s not yet 5 and the whole idea seemed to be more about getting her and her parents used to the idea of grading.

Still, it was hard not to read the repetition of “meets expectations” as a reflection of my own parenting. I wanted to see more S’s (for “area of Strength.”) Yes, yes, that report card has very little to do with me and I suppressed the urge to begin drilling her on letters this morning.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling the pressure to constantly do better, strive for more areas of strength in my interactions with my kids. (We are, remember, the generation that’s been accused of “over-parenting.”)

This is why I so appreciate the new Ad Council campaign introduced this month for Adoption Awareness Month.

Here are a few spots.

The videos are part of the “You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be a Perfect Parent” campaign created in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families and AdoptUSKids.

With more than 115,000 children available for adoption in the foster care system in the United States — among them more than 26,000 preteens in particular need of stable homes — advocates want to get out the message that kids need parents. They don’t need us to score a bunch of S’s. They just need us to try and to be there.

“Often times prospective parents think money, logistics (not having enough bedrooms), etc. will keep them from being a candidate,” Anne Roberts, a campaign spokeswoman said.

Not true. “Even if not ‘perfect’,” she said, prospective parents “have the ability to provide the stability and security children in foster care need.”