From elsewhere in The Post: Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf are known for being Upper East Side Queen Bees. In the popular “Gossip Girl” book and CW television series, they bounce from guy to guy, party like there’s no tomorrow and wreak havoc on their enemies.

In the new book, ““Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer,” that havoc comes in the form of serial killing, and Momspeak columnist Tracy Grant has a problem with putting these gory pages in the hands of teens.

“‘Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer’ may have the most vile and repugnant premise of any book aimed at teens I have ever read. In terms of egregious and perverse violence, it exceeds many M-rated video games,” says Grant.

Grant has a pretty strong opinion on this subject, but we want to know what you think. Read her column, and then let us know: