From elsewhere in The Post: Petula Dvorak writes that among the many medal-winning U.S. athletes at the 2012 Olympics are several moms, proving that maybe women can have it all.

Beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings and women’s soccer team captain Christie Rampone are just a few of the moms to claim gold medals this week.

“Thirteen mothers — you know, the kind of women whose jeans you make fun of, the people y’all roll your eyes at when they dart out of the office at 4:59, the ones who show up at the board meeting with a Barbie sticker on their butts and are associated with the Games only in those schmaltzy Procter & Gamble ads — are members of the U.S. Olympic team,” Dvorak writes.

“It’s an astounding number, given not just the social issues of motherhood — child care, school, mommy guilt — but the way pregnancy messes with the very instrument of these athletes’ profession: their bodies.

“So much for my excuse about the ‘baby weight.’ These women hit the track, field, pitch and road very quickly after giving birth.”

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