Parents, get ready to be embarrassed.

This spring a new book is coming out to hold up a mirror to our narcissism and sanctimony. “STFU Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare,” is due out in April and already selling on Amazon pre-orders. It’s written by the founder of the Web site of the same name.

(Courtesy of Blair Koenig)

Blair Koenig established the site about three-and-a-half years ago when she first started noticing her friends with kids were “changing.” She said they were posting more and more minutiae of their child’s lives on Facebook.

A few checks with other childless friends about this trend told her that there plenty of others annoyed at the habit. So, she decided to collect the worst examples, delete identifying information and publish them anonymously.

STFUP took off and soon she was receiving dozens of submissions a day. Eventually, she also scored a book contract with Penguin. With the coming book, the childless Brooklynite decided to go public with her name.

She told me the book is “like a humorous encyclopedia of parent overshare.”

It’ll have about 30 chapters, with each representing a different type of overshare. “The idea with the book is that it’ll be a funny, yet somewhat pointed, guide to help parents know what not to share (and, of course, for the non-parents out there, it’ll serve as proof that they’re not alone!)” she said.

Though we’ll have to wait to April to see exactly what jaw-droppers are in the book — Koenig said about 60 percent of it will be new material — it’ll likely be on par with one recent entry on the site:

After Thanksgiving, one mother posted on Facebook a picture of her child on the toilet with the caption: “[My child] is currently trying to poop out dinner, Happy Thanksgiving to mommy!”


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