From elsewhere in The Post: Local columnist Petula Dvorak writes that parents shouldn’t be surprised by the recent dismissal of five DeMatha Catholic High School football players for ordering prostitutes during a recent team road trip.

“What’s new in this old-as-time story is that today, thanks to smartphones and the nearly complete submersion of the sex trade into the digital swamp, ordering three prostitutes to your hotel room is as easy as ordering a pizza,” Dvorak writes.

Given that pornography is available pretty much everywhere, all the time, via smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices, Dvorak says, parents will have to be much more proactive in talking to their kids about sex.

“Teens whose families don’t have uncomfortable, but honest discussions about sex, porn and prostitution are putting their kids at risk for some very scary consequences,” she writes. “That sex talk won’t happen once, or twice. It has to happen often, with a lot more detail today.”

Read Dvorak’s full column here.