A perennial question for parents: How to explain a school absence for something other than sickness?

Tell the truth?

Tell a white lie?

Get the president to vouch for you?

“Mr. Ackerman, please excuse Tyler. He was with me!” reads a note President Barack Obama wrote on behalf of a fifth grader in Minnesota who skipped school Friday.

Tyler Sullivan had gone to witness his father, Ryan Sullivan, introduce the president at an appearance at a Honeywell factory.

President Barack Obama discusses jobs for veterans Friday, June 1, at Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions Global Headquarters in Golden Valley, Minn. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

The president then grabbed a pen and the presidential letterhead.

Obama was there to talk about veteran unemployment and Ryan Sullivan is one of 900 veterans that Honeywell has hired since 2011 according to the Post-Bulletin.

Good excuse, no?

So good that Obama has provided the service before.

In 2009, a father who posed a question to Obama during a town hall-type meeting in Wisconsin told the president his daughter was missing school to attend the event.

“Do you need me to write a note?” Obama asked.

He then produced the excuse: “To Kennedy’s teacher. Please excuse Kennedy’s absence.... she’s with me.”

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