A roundup of news and advice:

For parents in Los Angeles County, there’s a service that employs older adults to pet sit, be a live-in nanny and fulfill other caretaker duties. Rent-a-Grandma hires people age 50 and older to fill in as a “grandparent” for families that need help around the house. Todd Pliss, founder of the company, started the service in August 2010 and will open a franchise in Texas in the coming weeks. (ABC News)

When a teen starts dating, how can parents make sure she’s in a healthy relationship? Heather Flies, a pastor who specializes in working with teens, advises parents to be wary of children who suddenly want to spend more time in their room or seem more tired than usual once they start dating. Read her other tips for teaching children the best ways to manage a romantic relationship. (Star Tribune)

Before heading to the museum with your kids this summer, consider reading to them “Babar's Museum of Art,” says Cynthia Raso, a museum educator and founder of Art Within Reach. Raso says allowing children to sketch while touring exhibits and playing games such as follow the leader can prevent a visit to the museum from becoming boring. Read more of her tips and find out some of the best museums in the D.C. area for kids. (Our Kids)

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