From elsewhere in The Post: When you’re expecting your first child, combing the Web for information on pregnancy and parenting can be overwhelming. There are thousands of blogs and Web sites that discuss what you should and shouldn’t eat, how to cope with nausea and where to find the best maternity clothes.

But all these resources can’t trump the advice of close friends who have been in your shoes.

“They help you overcome the information overload. You are most at ease when you can rely on a voice that you trust. They have your best interests at heart. The same as it applies to a job or finding a new restaurant or travel destination, when in doubt, ask someone who’s been there, done that,” says Root DC contributor Erin A. Martin.

After the jump, learn about more resources for new moms, including The Baby Bash and Bling Expo & Show coming up this month.

She says doctors are also a great resource. “When trying to figure out that which I should lend the most attention to, my own obstetrician provided great tips on healthy eating, weight gain and signs that something may be wrong.”

And if you’re still looking for information, Martin says you can find it at The Baby Bash and Bling Expo & Show on Oct. 22. “A sophisticated soiree for expectant Moms where they can celebrate the journey amongst other Moms, together while participating in informational sessions, taking in a maternity apparel runway show and reviewing product and vendor displays,” she says. The event takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 8777 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Md.

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