Public statement from Hawaii’s Department of Human Services regarding their involvement in the pregnant Safeway mother’s shoplifting case:

“For clarification, please note that DHS/CWS [Child Welfare Services] did NOT take the child into custody.  The couple was arrested for shoplifting by the police.  HPD officers are required to notify CWS in cases where both parents are arrested.  The law requires protection for children when there is no adult parent or guardian. Per the law, police take protective custody and release the child to DHS.  HPD does not allow parents to bring their children to jail with them.” 

“After CWS determines the parents’/guardians home is safe for the child, the child is returned ASAP.  In this case the child was back with the parents the very next day.  

The police and State of Hawaii responded to Safeway.  If you object to that company’s policy of we suggest you contact them directly.”

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