A roundup of news and advice:

Single mothers may have poorer health during midlife than married moms, a study says. The study of 4,500 women revealed that those who were not married when they had their first child had worse health by age 40 than first-time moms who were married. For most women, the study said, getting married or entering a long-term relationship after having a child did not improve their health. (Time)

A 5-year-old in Kansas City, Mo., has admitted drowning her 18-month-old cousin. The child said she became angry when her cousin would not stop crying and held him underwater in a bathtub until the crying stopped. She has not been arrested. (MSNBC via Parentables)

A camp is opening in Florida to teach children the beliefs of the tea party. Tampa Liberty School will be available for children ages 8 to 12 for one week in July. Mother Jones magazine cites some of the activities students will perform:

“Starting in an austere room where they are made to sit quietly, symbolizing Europe, the children will pass through an obstacle course to arrive at a brightly decorated party room (the New World).

Red-white-and-blue confetti will be thrown. But afterward the kids will have to clean up the confetti, learning that with freedom comes responsibility.” (St. Petersburg Times via Mother Jones)

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