It may be sad to admit, but I’m looking forward to some upcoming children’s movies and books far more than my daughters are.

I find myself watching trailers for “The Smurfs” and “The Muppets” while the kids are asleep. I know I’ll be the one begging for us to read and re-read the new Maurice Sendak and Dr. Seuss books.

These soon-to-be-released marvels are, of course, marketed to me more than to my children. My older one asked me incredulously “What is that?” when I YouTubed an old Smurfs episode for her. It occurred to me that at 4 she is far more discerning with media than I was at twice her age.

Anybody else remember wasting hours and hours in front of really junky TV? I used to watch the Muppet Babies, which makes Dancing With the Stars look like La Boheme.

Our children, used to the articulate and ever-cheery Elmo, will probably find the “smurfy” language in July’s “Smurfs,” nonsensical. They will likely think Kermit, in the fall-scheduled “the Muppets,” is too angsty.

I do hope my children will connect with the new Sendak and Dr. Seuss. The classics “Where the Wild Things Are,” (Harper & Row, 1963) and “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” (Random House, 1990), are now in their bedtime book roster. If not their favorites, those books are not offensive to them either. I know it’s me who appreciates their depth far more than they do, or as I did as a child.

Consider this from “Oh the Places You’ll Go”:

“So be sure when you step/ Step with care and great tact /

And remember that Life’s / a Great Balancing Act./

Just never forget to be / dexterous and deft/

And never mix up your right foot with your left.”

In Sept., Random House will publish posthumously the “The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories,” a collection of stories written by Theodor “Seuss” Geisel in 1950 and 1951.

Also that month, HarperCollins will publish the new Sendak, “Bumble-Ardy.” It kills two nostalgia birds with one stone because it’s based on a 70s-era Sesame Street skit about a pig’s birthday party.

Bring it on. It doesn’t matter if the kids are bored, I’ll be the one buying.