When caring for an infant, there are some recurring questions. “Why won’t you go to sleep?” “How are you hungry again?”

And, of course, “Where did your socks go?”

Keeping socks or booties on a baby’s feet is a frustrating exercise.  When my daughter was about three months old, a mom in our playgroup recommended a brand of booties that she claimed never fell off. We all scrambled for our smartphones to write down the brand (Zutano, see below).

 Here are three snippets of sock expertise I’ve accumulated over the past nine months as a mom. Note that anatomy has something to do with it. Some socks that work for my baby might not work for yours, and vice versa.

You should try...

Zutano socks (Rachel Saslow)

Robeez socks (Rachel Saslow)

You should avoid...

Nordstrom Lace socks (Rachel Saslow)

Which socks stay glued to your baby’s feet? Which brands have you found unsuccessful? Leave your recommendations in the comments section.

 Rachel Saslow, a former editorial aide for The Washington Post, lives in the District with her husband and daughter.

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