Over on The Post’s health blog, The Checkup, Jennifer LaRue Huget reports on a new study that found most young children’s parents don’t spend enough time outdoors with them

The study’s lead author, Pooja Tandon of Seattle Children’s Research Institute, notes that preschool children — defined here as being a year away from entering kindergarten, or about 4 years old — need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.

But Tandon’s research found that only 44 percent of mothers and 24 percent of fathers reported taking their child out to play or for a walk daily. Girls were less likely to be taken outside to play than boys; children of non-white parents were less likely than children of white parents to be taken outside to play. Kids with regular playmates were more likely to spend time outside every day, and mothers who exercised more than four times a week were more more likely than moms who didn’t exercise at all to take their kids outside.

The post also links to a video on why it’s important for kids to spend time outdoors, along with suggestions for outdoor activities:

Read and comment on the full blog post here.

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