Deborah Tillman will star in “America’s Supernanny.” (Scott Gries/Lifetime)

This time, the nanny is American, from Northern Virginia in fact, where she founded Happy Home Child Learning Centers.

These nanny shows are more of a guilty pleasure for me than pretty much any other program. I harbor no fantasies of dancing in skintight sequins or crooning like a diva or cooking deliciously in a half-hour (or in any time frame). I do, though, wish I could parent like a reality star. It’s addictive to imagine that household harmony is just a Naughty Step away.

Which is why I found myself asking Tillman for a sneak peek of her techniques. Her response (below), bullet-pointed for easy pasting to the fridge, looks simple enough. Surely some readers will find it blindingly obvious. I embrace it as a plan to turn her reality into my own.

From Deborah Tillman, the star of “America’s Supernanny”:

Discipline Rules

• Praise and encourage positive behavior

• Set clear guidelines and expectations

• Implement consistent consequences for choosing negative behavior

• Ask yourself “What lesson am I trying to teach my child?”

My Discipline Techniques

Calm Down Corner: This is my fundamental discipline technique that works for children between 2 and 8 years [old]. It’s a way to train and teach your child that there are consequences when a house rule is broken.

Lose What You Like: This is my fundamental discipline technique that works for children over 8 years old. It teaches children that you will lose something that YOU value when a house rule is broken.

My Parenting Rules

• Provide routine and structure for children

• Model the behavior you want

• Cling to consistency

• Follow through

• Be responsible and accountable

What do you think? Good advice? Obvious advice? Would you be a better Supernanny?