From elsewhere in The Post: D.C. officials are considering having teachers do home visits for elementary students, a suggestion also raised by the new chief of Chicago public schools, Jean-Claude Brizard, says Class Struggle columnist Jay Mathews.

“The nonprofit Concentric Educational Solutions has been knocking on the doors of persistent truants for the past year. The group’s executive director and co-founder, David L. Heiber, said the visits would be even more effective if they occurred before students got into trouble,” Mathews writes.

Some educators say that teachers are too overworked to make home visits and that visits to high-crime areas could be dangerous. But, Mathews writes, Heiber argues that visits often produce better attendance and attention in class, saving those teachers much wasted time.

How would you feel if your child’s teacher wanted to visit your home? Do you think home visits by teachers could influence your child’s performance at school?