A roundup of news and advice:

A 16-year-old girl has substantial say in how her family spends money, says new research from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics. The bargaining tactics of teen girls influenced how their households spent money on items such as food, clothes and mobile phones, researchers found in a study of 2,745 British families. The influence power of teen boys did not show up in the analysis. (Daily Mail)

After a seatbelt locked into place and trapped a young girl in an SUV, one dad learns why it doesn’t hurt to keep a seatbelt cutting tool in the glove box. (Wired)

If your preschooler is having trouble learning the rules of Hide and Seek, one 3-year-old has written a handy set of guidelines. Rule number one: Don’t keep your hiding spot a secret. Yell out your location right away. (Scary Mommy)