Ellen Kassoff Gray (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

“In her repertoire is a sun-brewed tea that sits back with the luggage for hours, then is mixed with pomegranate and lemon juices and sometimes fruit slices. Certain condiment pairings (“I do a great honey mustard”) will form dipping sauces for fresh vegetables. Leftover hash browns combined with packet mayo and fresh bell pepper and onion purchased on the road turn into potato salad,” says Post editor Bonnie S. Benwick in a story on Gray. Gray is married to chef-restaurateur Todd Gray; the couple owns Equinox restaurant.

What else does Gray do to keep her family of three (she and Todd are parents to an 11-year-old son) well fed on trips? Read Benwick’s article to learn how Gray uses her glove compartment as a warmer, why she does a little bit of hoarding to prepare for long drives and how local farmers make it easier for her to stock up.