The British forum of parenting bloggers known as BritMums has compiled the reaction of many of its members to the riots. Shock and fear are common among these writers, who are raising children amid the largest civil disturbances in decades.

The riots in London come less than a year before the city is set to host the world at the 2012 Olympic Games. (Associated Press)

One mother happened to be working on a project about what legacy she wanted to leave her children. When the riots broke out, she revised her list:

What do I want to leave my children?

• A clear sense of what is right and wrong. I’d like to know that there is a Police Force that is beyond reproach, who will protect them and their belongings. A Police that they can trust.

• I want to leave them with a country and a people to be proud of. I want to leave them with the sort of country that bounces back from hideous events such as the 7/7 bombings with a stronger sense of community, with stronger ties and with an absolute determination not to be pulled apart by such senselessness.

• I would hope that this sense of community encompasses all nationalities, all creeds, all colours: the thing that unites us should be our desire for a better life, a better future, not whether the person who lives next door goes to church or not.

• I hope that they will see riots by people who do not show their faces as mindless criminality. If you have something to protest about, you must have belief in it enough to a) show your face and your pride in your beliefs and b) give your belief the respect it deserves by NOT making your point with violence.

. . . [W]hilst typing, a friend called to tell me that the centre of Bromley has been shut down, and Police cars have been whizzing past her house.”

How have the riots and the recent global economic turmoil affected your long-term hopes for your children?