Workers make their way down 15th Street at in Northwest after a mild earthquake evacuates office buildings . (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

This afternoon’s 5.8 earthquake shook much of the region and, along with it, many parents’ sense of security.

Cell-phone communication and Web sites offering information quickly overloaded. Texting and e-mail seemed to be the best form of asking “You safe?” Or, in the case of DC public schools, “Students are safe.”

We all know our family should have a plan for the unexpected. But come now, who would have thought the disaster would come in the form of an earthquake?

Well, I guess that’s the point of a disaster plan: It exists to implement when the world stops making sense. Here’s a link to a previous post on guidance for setting up a plan and tips for family preparedness.

Do you have a plan? Will you set one up now? How did you assess your kids safety? Share your plan with us.


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