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Our young readers have reminded us. We asked them to share their thoughts about starting a new school year, and they responded candidly. Some were excited about new opportunities while others feared the oncoming pile of assignments.

Below are a few of their responses, and more can be found in KidsPost. After you read them, let us know: How do your kids feel about a new school year? What do you say to kids who dread time in the classroom?

I’m excited to be going into the 8th grade yet a little scared. I’m homeschooled actually, so school is a little different than for most kids. For one thing, I do all my work at my dining room table. Math, English, Anatomy…all those subjects. I’m basically teaching myself everything! Algebra is especially hard to teach myself. Luckily I have my dad to help me. He teaches my sister and me Math. My Mom takes care of everything else. My home school group, Cedar Brook Academy, has classes I take on Thursdays. I’m taking Guitar, Journalism, Watercolor, Improv, and Volleyball. Yay! — Rita Newman, 13, Silver Spring, Md.

To be ready or not to be? That is the question.
         No! I am most certainly NOT ready, nor will I ever be. One of my pet peeves is a common one. Why do some adults ask me if I’m looking forward to the new school year when I do not want to discuss it––in the beginning of August? My answer? What is there to look forward to except tests, quizzes, and stress?
         There are a lot of reasons why I don’t like school, but one’s thing is for sure:
My math teacher is out to get me! — Kelly Ngo, 14, Beltsville , Md.

It's almost time to go back to school, a time of butterflies in your stomach and the dread of returning into that dull and monotonous routine of work. For some it can be great, a time to reconnect and see your friends. But I'll be heading on into junior year, said to be the hardest in school! Yikes! So this year is different from all the rest. I have to be more prepared and ready to get a lot of work done. However, I'm also excited. What I do now is going to shape my future ahead of me. — Tasneem Shaikh, 15, Burke, Va.

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