A roundup of news and advice:

The Jack In the Box fast food chain will no longer have toys included in kids’ meals. A spokesman for the San Diego-based company, Randy Carmical, said the company’s decision was not driven by efforts to ban the inclusion of toys in kids meals.

San Francisco and Santa Clara County have laws that will require kids' meals to meet certain nutritional standards before they can be sold with toys.

Carmical said Jack In the Box is more focused on the food included in kids dishes, such as grilled chicken strips and grilled cheese sandwiches. He also said providing more food options to parents, such as apple slices instead of French fries, is more appealing than “packaging a toy with lower-quality fare.” (Reuters)

Does having kids make a presidential candidate more attractive to voters? Belinda Luscombe explores if politicians have used the size of their families as campaign selling points. (Time)

Josh Mandel, director of the New York University Child Center, says bullying can begin at age 4. But child psychologist Heather Wittenburg says young children do not have the “cognitive capability to be intentionally cruel.” A Today Moms writer explorers at what age a child can become a bully. (Today Moms)

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