From elsewhere in The Post: Petula Dvorak has done the unthinkable. She was able to get eight busy moms, and herself, out of the house Friday night to watch “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” the book-turned -movie on the life of working-mom Kate Reddy. This was an especially noteworthy feat, considering the demands of soccer practice, swim class, PTA and other child-centered activities that fill up the little free time they have.

“It wasn’t the indulgent need to party that made these women move heaven, Earth and soccer practice to get there. ‘It’s an important issue, and we need to agitate,’ was what one of them said — and just about all of us felt,” says Dvorak.

Read Dvorak’s column on what motivates women to strive to be “awesome moms,” even when awesome seems unattainable, and her reaction to the movie.

Did you see “I Don’t Know How She Does It”? Was Reddy relatable?