Jen Porter is a farmer friend of the author's. Her son Oliver Dietter is shown last spring, going off in the morning to sell his lettuce to teachers in Maine. (JEN PORTER)

In this week’s Local Living, Barbara Damrosch relays strategies she and other farmers have used for getting their kids involved in the garden.

My farmer husband, Eliot, remembers holding his daughters Melissa and Clara on his lap while he potted seedlings into flats, explaining how the little root systems grew, and offering reject seedlings for the girls to plant. Clara, grown up and farming in Colorado, did the same thing with her sons Bode and Hayden.

Other ideas:

●Creating a “sandbox” of moist potting soil.

●Having kids gather small, round burdock burs to create a prickly ball.

●Planting pelleted carrot seeds one inch apart in furrows for a racing game.

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