From elsewhere in The Post: A petition asking “Sesame Street” to let Bert and Ernie, the male puppet duo who bathe and sing together, marry has received almost 8,000 signatures since recently launching.

Columnist Petula Dvorak believes Bert and Ernie’s partnership doesn’t need a label or a license:

Just because Bert and Ernie live together, have a sweet bedtime cookie ritual and accept each other’s oddball, pigeon-oatmeal-bottle-caps-rubber-ducky quirks doesn’t mean they are a gay couple.

(Anyhow, then we’d be going back to the silly days of Lucy and Ricky in twin beds. Who wants that?)

Kids don’t need us to label that Muppet relationship.

What do you think? Are Bert and Ernie in a same-sex relationship? If so, should they marry?