From elsewhere in The Post: Momspeak columnist Tracy Grant raises her teenage sons alone. After her husband died four years ago, the not-so-well-thought-out comments from other moms began. Her column this week lists some of the those verbal blunders, as well as Grant’s pet peeves from the world of a single parent.

“- There is not a route to single parenthood that is more noble than others. My husband died, and a divorced mom once lamented that her life was much harder because ‘people look at you and feel sorry; they look at me and think that I failed.’

If there is one thing that moms are great at, it’s finding the single difference that divides us instead of the myriad things that unite us. Single parenting is hard; let’s not make it harder.

- A friend whose husband was going to be away for a month on business said to me, ‘You have no idea how hard it is to juggle everything when he’s away.’ Actually, I do.

- When I told another friend that I was getting all the windows cleaned in my house, she said, ‘It must be nice not to have to ask someone if you can spend that money. You can just do it, without the argument.’

Needless to say, Grant isn’t alone in her journey to raise well-rounded kids without the help of a spouse. Other single parents out there, how do you respond when someone makes an eyebrow-raising comment about raising kids solo? What tips do you have for managing a household when there’s only one adult?