From elsewhere in The Post: If your high-schooler is thinking about applying to colleges, point him or her to this funny post on the Campus Overload blog. Guest blogger Eric N. Harris, a junior at the University of Maryland, writes about dealing with rejection letters:

“Needless to say, it was not a cheery time.

“For some schools, a simple e-mail rejection wasn’t sufficient. I was thoughtfully offered the option of receiving a hard copy by mail. ‘Why yes,’ I thought. ‘I would love to get rejected in multiple ways! Could you possibly send me a text or even a singing telegram?’ ”

Things turned out just fine for Harris, though, whose message to students facing rejection is this: “I was on the unsuccessful side when it came to college acceptances, yet I could not be happier with where I am today.”

Commenters are generally on board with Harris’s viewpoint.

From May_Twin_Boy: “I hope that High School Seniors who are waiting for those Acceptance letters understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are ‘rejected.’ That they can go to any number of decent schools, make the most of it and get a good education.”

From aeo4: “My good friend saved all his rejection letters from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. that came on their pretty letter head. He then framed them and they now decorate his bathroom. He is insanely successful, works for Google, and I die laughing at how clever that idea is. Wish I’d thought of it.”

From atompkins: “I got rejected by every school I applied to except my ‘safety school.’ That was all the fuel I needed to get a BA and MA. Rejections in life are often blessings in disguise because they make you work just a little harder to prove yourself capable and worthy.”

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