From elsewhere in The Post: A lot is asked of parents. Maybe the PTA president wants you to sew costumes for the school play. Or your child’s soccer coach needs you to make cookies for the team bake sale.

“It’s very hard for many parents, and especially overachieving moms, to say no,” says Tracy Grant in her latest Momspeak column. But saying “‘not yet’ or ‘not now’ closes no doors, slaps no labels on you as being unwilling to pull your weight. In fact, it’s really saying ‘yes,’ just with conditions.”

Grant spoke with Arlene Rossen Cardozo, author of the 25-year-old book “Sequencing,” which has “a quaintness to the advice, a naivete to the idea that you don’t have to keep all the plates twirling simultaneously,” says Grant. “But there are also fundamental truths within its covers, which helps explain why I picked the book up nine years before I had kids and still have it on an easy-to-reach shelf in my living room.”

Read Grant’s story to find out what Cardozo says “sequencing” means in 2012, and tell us how you cope with work-life balance in the comments section.