by Danielle Smith and Ryan O’Neal

President Obama and Mitt Romney have talked a lot about small businesses and creating jobs. But too much has been left unsaid. For small businesses, the lack of details about the future exacerbate the fears, all of which kills job creation. 

Both candidates have left business owners facing a world of uncertainty, Smtih and O’Neal said. (Scott Eells/BLOOMBERG)

●We must find a new health plan because our current coverage will be eliminated by the new federal health care reform law.  Now we have to go through some new government agency called an exchange to buy our health care. How will that work?

The rules and regulations about the new health care law haven’t even been written yet, so how do we plan and how do we budget?  What will we have to do, how much will it cost, and what about new paperwork?

If Romney wins and actually repeals the law, what would that mean for our firm’s health care?

●Both Obama and Romney talked a lot about taxes. But the fiscal cliff is fast approaching. What will they and Congress do about it?  Will our taxes change?  Taxes are a huge consideration when you operate a small business.

●Dealing with government agencies almost always takes time and costs money.  Small firms like ours don’t hire new employees if we don’t know the costs, process and requirements imposed by government. 

We already have more regulations than we can handle. How many new federal regulations and requirements can we expect over the next four years?  A good day in business is not having any contact or interaction with any government agency and no new regulations. 

Obama and Romney, if you want small businesses like ours to hire more workers and help this economy recover, we need to get rid of the fears and unknowns. How will each of you eliminate the fears and unknowns for small businesses and clear the path for us to grow and create new jobs?

Danielle Smith and  Ryan O'Neal  co-own the 22-year old O’Ryan Marine, a Redmond, Wash.-based firm that supplies skilled mechanics, technicians and underwater divers for waterfront-related jobs.