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What’s going ‘on’:

Business investments tapering off: After consectuvite years of growth, business spending on equipment and software has slowed in each of the past three quarters, and durable goods orders dropped in August at the quickest rate since the recession.

Case warns against entrepreneurial cockiness: Startup America chairman and AOL founder Steve Case warned that America could lose its billing as the world’s premier destination for entrepreneurs if it gets “cocky and complacent” during remarks Thursday in Washington.

Romney flips on small business taxes: Mitt Romney seemed to tweak his message to small businesses in Ohio, first saying owners shouldn’t expect a “huge cut in taxes” but nixing the line in a later speech in which he said he would bring “tax rates down for small business.”

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Social engineering an emerging cyber threat:Cybercriminals are targeting businesses and government networks with an increasingly sophisticated mode of attack called social engineering, which involves tricking people into handing over sensitive network information.

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