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What’s going ‘on’:

Consumer confidence drops again: Consumer confidence declined for the fourth straight month in June as lower gas prices and an improving housing market simply couldn’t make up for persistent concerns over the sluggish state of the economy, according to a report released Tuesday by the Conference Board

Senate reaches deal on student loans: Senate leaders say they have reached a deal to freeze student loan rates for another year, though they are still working out some of the mechanics for pushing it quickly through Congress. Currently, an estimated 7.4 million people with federally supported loans are set to see their rates double on July 1.

Business owners vacationing but not disconnecting: Nearly half of small business owners plan to work remotely at least two weeks this summer, further evidence that phone and video conferencing have become an integral part of vacationing of many small business owners, according to a new poll released by Cisco WebEx.

Keep an eye ‘on’:

Baby boomers taking the innovation torch: Studies shows baby boomers are starting companies at their fastest pace on record, while young workers simply lack the disposable income and job prospects they once had. Dominic Basulto wonders: Are we are seeing a passing of the innovation baton to members of the older generation?

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